Monday, March 26, 2012

"Easter Egg Hunt Canceled Due To Aggressive Parents" ... aggressive seems too kind of a word. (A swear saturated rant)

This stuff makes me ill... link goes to the story on NPR. 

"'It just seems to be the mindset. People just want the best for their kids,' Rexford said."

...If anyone can enlighten me on how wanting the best for their kids, equates to getting to be a giant A-hole, I would love hear it. It seems to me that not allowing your children to be independent of person and mind, whatever that may be, is about the biggest disservice that you could do them. Someday, some time, you won’t be there to hand hold them, and when they inevitably fall, they won’t know how to pick themselves back up…

Here is the deal, I know your two year old can’t compete with the older kids, and you want to help… there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting the best for your children. In fact, that is what you SHOULD want for your children. If you don’t, I would suggest seeking professional help. However, as an adult, charging onto a field to take cheap plastic eggs from other children, probably made in China by children far less fortunate than yours, filled with processed sugar that is only going to piss you off later when they are begging for it, or crashing from it, doesn’t help them AT ALL. Your children are always watching you, learning from you, and being THAT person is just showing them that being an asshole is peachy fucking keen. Great job! In this case, being that asshole means that no one’s children get shitty little eggs, because the organizers couldn’t stand that so many “adults” were being such assholes to each other, and each other’s kids, at an event FOR KIDS, that they canceled the whole works. Mind you I couldn’t care less about the eggs, or the event, or what they represent here. All I care about is what you are teaching your kids…

Yeah, if your kid comes back empty handed, they’ll be crushed, and probably crying. That sucks, because it makes you hurt inside too, and preventing that pain was the whole idea behind charging out onto the field in the first place. Now however comes the beautiful part, you actually GET to be a parent. You get to hold and comfort them. Speak to them as an adult, as it is an adult situation. Trust me, even your two year old will understand. In my experience, talking to my children as an adult, as an equal, seems to help them deal with the hard parts of life just that much better, because well, they don’t feel like such a child. Wants, needs, desires, we all have them, and just because, for them, the desire is a candy filled egg, instead of say, a better job, or a new car, or whatever, doesn’t make it any easier for them to deal with. Teach them that not having shitty little plastic eggs is not the end of the world. Teach them that next time they can, and probably should, be a bit more assertive for themselves. Shit, teach them anything but how to become an asshole… well almost anything, you know what I mean. Afterwards, do something nice for and/or with them to SHOW them it’s not the end of the world …and I don’t mean go buy them their own shitty plastic eggs to make up for the ones they didn’t get. That just says to them that if they whine and cry enough they’ll get what they want, that’s no good either. Now look what’s happening! Your kid is learning that they can’t always get what they want, and it sucks, but life goes on, and it gets better, even in this cold, cruel, eggless world. Also they are learning that you’ll be there for them whenever you can, even if you can’t always give them what they want either. Fuck! That’s pretty awesome!

On the flip side, if you happen to have an older child, events like these are your opportunity to yell to your kid on the field to help out the kid with no eggs. Or if they came back with a haul, to have them share with the kid crying in their parent(s)’ arms. Let your child see how good that makes them feel, because unless you’ve forgotten, helping other people can give you as much joy as it does them. Some of the greatest gifts you can give your children are to be kind, helping, and sharing, and you should give them at every opportunity. If your child should ever be the recipient of such generosity from another child, not only should your kid thank them, but you should look that little person in the eye, and thank them as well. Then, you go and thank that kid’s parent(s) for raising them that way. A little positive reinforcement can go a long way. The world would be a much better fucking place, if everyone just put in that one, tiny, extra, ounce of effort, that it takes to do things like be kind, supportive, and actually BE a parent. One asshole in the world is more than enough, we don’t all have to go around growing new teat sucking douchewads.

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