Sunday, April 1, 2012

Someone to look up to.

So... since my yesterday went something like this: Wake up @ 6:00 am. The girls fighting (For legal purposes to be hereby known as, "sisterly love"). Sisterly love. Something amusing that made me want to be a kid again. Sisterly love. Lunch. Pretend like we don't hear daddy's voice. Pretend like we don't hear daddy's voice. Pretend to eat dinner while pretending to not hear daddy's voice. Pretend to go to bed @ 8 pm. Actually fall asleep @  9pm ish. Ending in my complete brain death... so I didn't write about what I had planned to. Now however, the girls have been lovingly kidnapped for most of the evening. Thanks! So I actually have a chance to add to the one sentence I wrote yesterday. Though I swear on all things holy, that it's just about the best sentence in the history of mankind... or something. The thing is, it's such a nice day and I really should be out cleaning up the gardens... but what I'm really thinking is, it's such a nice day, and the house is empty, I really should be taking a nap.

For now however, here are 20 in two installments of 10, "non-costumed, non-powered female heroines" from over at The Mary SueThe first 10, and The encore 10. All are far better role models for girls than some teenybopper pop star or supermodel (imho... though with my girls I should probably be more careful with what I wish for), and all fall nicely into genres that any geeky dad is sure to appreciate (probably regular ones too...). Sure the vast majority of them aren't age appropriate for younger children. It's not my job to tell people what to show their kids and when. Just because I'm going to wake up tomorrow, make some popcorn, and sit my three year old down for an all day marathon of the first season of Game of Thrones, doesn't mean you have to. Maybe you want to get them started at one and a half or two. (Kidding. I swear.)

(Or am I? Dun dun dun.)

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